Density Buffalo

Density Buffalo $295.00 per 450 Sq. Ft. pallet picked up



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Density Buffalo Grass is a fine-textured, blue-green perennial grass native to Texas, and from Mexico to Montana. It is a very low maintenance grass that rarely needs fertilizer or mowing. Although it is drought tolerant, with a little water and fertilizer it will look much nicer. It adapts to a wide variety of soils and produces a denser turf than other Buffalo varieties. As with any Buffalo Grass, 30″ or less of annual water is advised.


  • Grows best in full sun
  • Drought Tolerance Great
  • Heat Tolerance Great
  • Cold Tolerance Good
  • Shade Tolerance Poor
  • Wear Tolerance Fair
  • Mowing Height is 2” to 3”, if desired
  • Not recommended for neighborhood residences

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