Raleigh St. Augustine

Raleigh St. Augustine $235.00 per 450 Sq. Ft. pallet picked up


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Raleigh St. Augustine has been a very popular grass for the Austin and surrounding area for many years. It is medium to dark green in color and course textured. It grows well in most soil types and performs well in full sun or half day shade. It does not tolerate water logged soils or extended periods of very cold temperatures. Raleigh St. Augustine forms a dense lawn that tolerates light traffic and competes well with most weeds. St. Augustine prefers soil depths of 6” or more to develop a deep root system and to minimize frequent water. It’s not that thirsty of a grass if you have sufficient soil depth.


  • Drought Tolerance Fair
  • Heat Tolerance Good
  • Cold Tolerance Good
  • Shade Tolerance Good
  • Wear Resistance Fair
  • Mowing Height 2 1/4 – 4″

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